Welcome Home! (Info for our recent buyers)

Welcome Home! (Info for our recent buyers)

Welcome to the Land of the Free Family!

Helping you build your legacy, with dirt and assets! 

Things to do as soon as you make your down payment:

  • Save any photos of your property off the listing.
  • Screenshot your land listing info if it was listed online.
  • Save your purchase or terms agreement after it’s signed.
  • Save your payment receipts.
  • Memorize or write down your property parcel number (APN number). 
  • Learn how to read and understand GPS coordinates on a map and in Google.

Notice: Once you are paid in full for your purchase, allow up to 2 weeks to receive your deed. All deeds are now recorded digitally, so we will email you what the county sends to us. If you want a certified copy, please contact the county and they can snail mail you one. If you are using a title company, you will get your deed as part of the closing. 

If you are making monthly payments, you will be put into one of our online payment programs. Depending on the property, you will either be put into Geekpay or Your Land Loans. Do NOT set up your own account until you receive an invitation email from us. Once you have set up your username and password, you will be able to go in and make extra payments, change your payment account, and keep track of your balance. Please allow up to 2 weeks of signing your terms agreement to receive the invitation in your email. Also, note your 6 months same as cash date and mark it on your calendar.

Please keep all and any info for your reference. Most properties do not come with addresses until you install a licensed and permitted septic, so you’ll need the GPS coordinates for now. We also suggest that you save your property location into your phone and PC map app. We highly suggest all land owners call 811 from there phone. You’ll need the parcel number and nearest cross streets to start the process. It is FREE of charge. They often will give you power, water, utility, and underground gas line data.

If you’d like to read a couple of articles we have written for property owners, please read more of our blogs.

***We will send a separate email once Z puts them geekpay or Your Land loans with the directions and set-up information. 

Sincerely, DiTina and the Team