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One acre by the petrified forest! Holbrook, AZ

Perfect piece of land to start your own farm or agricultural operations.

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Cash Price

$500 Down + $250 doc fee Reserve Now

Terms price

$130 mo for 30mo
$500 Down + $250 doc Reserve Now

Payment Note(s)

Cash: $500 down and a one-time $250 doc prep fee reserves this property and gets the paperwork started! The remaining payment is made after the paperwork is completed.

Owner Finance Terms: $130/mo for 30 months. To reserve and get the process started, it is $500 down and a one-time $250 doc prep fee. There is a $10/mo loan servicing fee along with prorated taxes.

Once you press the “Reserve Now” Button above, you will be redirected to our property payment page. Once you have completed the payment, you will be sent an email requesting that you fill out a brief personal information survey so that we can begin the Land Sale Contract Process.


Title is Clear. No Open Liens/Encumbrances found.

***Owner financing available with no credit checks!***

Build, park your RV, camp, or buy and hold for later (taxes are $4 per year).

The sky here is massive and the air is fresh. Explore the national park!

Keep this property in your back pocket in case things get dicey.

This property has legal access and is has the some of the least restrictive zoning in the country!

Bring your Jeep and or your off-road fun!

Important: You cannot build or permanently live on the land until it’s paid off.

About: Drew is the actual owner and not a realtor. He believes in the 2nd amendment and equality for all people including unborn children. Drew is an Active-Duty Army Veteran and is currently serving as a Major in the Army Reserves.

DiTina (pronounced die-teena) is Drew’s rockstar Land Specialist and she is an expert on answering all your questions about vacant land.

Property Information

Parcel Size

1.06 Acres




Mohave County

Nearest Cities

Holbrook, Sun City, Phoenix

Parcel Number



Holbrook, AZ

Property Features










Pole is near


Would have to drill well


35.020361, -109.832417


Agriculture General-AG

Purchase Information/Fees

$250 (Non-Refundable)

Doc Prep Fee

An additional fee of $500 to reserve the property is required to begin the purchase process.


Loan Servicing Fee

Owner financing includes all loan servicing fees.


GPS Coordinates:


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