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Hiker’s and Biker’s paradise on Earth! 2.5 Acres, Kingman AZ

Perfect piece of land to start your own way of life!

Payment Options

Cash Price

$400 Down + $250 doc fee Reserve Now

Terms price

$157 mo for 55mo
$400 Down + $250 doc Reserve Now

Payment Note(s)

Cash: $400 down and a one-time $250 doc prep fee reserves this property and gets the paperwork started! The remaining payment is made after the paperwork is completed.

Owner Finance Terms: $157/mo for 55 months. To reserve and get the process started, it is $400 down and a one-time $250 doc prep fee. There is a $10/mo loan servicing fee along with prorated taxes.

Once you press the “Reserve Now” Button above, you will be redirected to our property payment page. Once you have completed the payment, you will be sent an email requesting that you fill out a brief personal information survey so that we can begin the Land Sale Contract Process.


Title is Clear. No Open Liens/Encumbrances found.

***Owner financing available with no credit checks!***

Absolutely stunning 360 views of the Hualapai Mountain Range, Music Mountain, the Red Lake, and much more!

Minutes away from the water at South Cove, natural springs, the Grand Canyon, and BLM land.

You could hike/bike a different trail every weekend the rest of your life out here!

There’s no time limit to build, so buy/invest now! Camp anytime!

Other’s might look and see desert, flat land…what do YOU see?

Common questions:

Is there power/septic/water?

Not yet! You’re the master of your own creation out here. You can pay to pull power to your land or build a solar home.

Most people out here have a private septic and or temporary system in place while they build. Once you purchase, we will give you a list of local contractors you can call. Water is actually everywhere around here- you can go pick it up yourself for 25 cents for 65 Gallons or have it delivered or drill a well.

Can I have a Tiny Home, RV, Mobile Home, Double wide, Mud Home?

Yes to all. Please call Mohave Planning and Zoning for all the details.

How do I know where my property is?

Google maps on your phone has an option for 3D. You can see any property line in the US. It’s a faint grey line. This does not count as an official survey but is very helpful. We also give you all the coordinates of your property on our website.

And please remember- if you choose to live off-grid or in a rural area, don’t expect the amenities of a city. You will need to drive 20-30 minutes for groceries/stores/schools/hospitals.

Important: You cannot build or permanently live on the land until its paid off.

Veteran and family owned. About: Drew is the actual owner and not a realtor. He believes in the 2nd amendment and equality for all people including unborn children. Drew is an Active-Duty Army Veteran and is currently serving as a Company Commander in the Army Reserves. DiTina (pronounced die-teena) is Drews rockstar Land Specialist and she is an expert on answering all your questions about vacant land.

Property Information

Parcel Size

2.5 Acres




Mohave County

Nearest Cities

Kingman, Las Vegas, Dolan Springs

Parcel Number



Kingman, AZ

Legal Description


Property Features










Pole or Solar


Would have to drill a well


35.5101667, -113.9328056



Purchase Information/Fees

$250 (Non-Refundable)

Doc Prep Fee

An additional amount of $400 to reserve the property is required to begin the purchase process.


Loan Servicing Fee

Owner financing includes all loan servicing fees.


GPS Coordinates:



Take Stockton Hill (paved HWY) to get to this location. When you get to the windmill, go North through the cattle gate, and you’ll be within walking distance of your land. Once you get to know the area you can explore other ways of getting to this property.

Print out a map. Do your own due diligence before going to look at a property- including taking some water and or snacks. We do not sell land that is impossible to get to, but we do expect the buyer to have some sense of map recon.

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