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100 Acres of Land Bordering BLM near Kingman, AZ and Rt66!

Perfect piece of land to start your own farm or agricultural operations.

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Cash Price

$2,000 Down Payment Reserve Now

Terms Price

$750mo for 80 months
$2,000 Down Payment Reserve Now

Payment Note(s)

If you are interested in reserving this parcel, click “Reserve Now” button for any of the payment options. You will be redirected to our payment page to make the initial reservation payment.

Owner Finance Terms: $2,000 down to hold the property and a one-time $250 doc fee. Then wire/send check for a minimum of $30,000 in order to be chosen for terms agreement. Then pay $750/mo for 80 months. There is a $10/mo loan servicing fee along with prorated taxes. If you want lower monthly payments- you can put more money down.


Grab your 100 acres of 100% pure patriotic dirt before it’s gone. This is the only investment that can’t crash or get stolen. Start your legacy today!

You have legal access/easements on the West and North borders of this land. There are a few different ways you can drive to your new home!

Plenty to do! Head 1.25 hours NE to Las Vegas, or N to Kaibab National Forest and the Grand Canyon just beyond. Maybe you want to tear up the mountainside with your ATV, dirt bike, or 4×4. This is the freedom most people simply dream of.

The entire North side of this land touches BLM!

This property is in Mohave County. Camping, tiny homes, mud homes, RV’s, and most all builds are allowed. Buyer must do their own due diligence on finding out about permits. DiTina will send you a list of contacts for Mohave County upon request.

Property Information

Parcel Size

100 Acres




Mohave County

Nearest Cities

Kingman, Flagstaff, Hackberry, Las Vegas

Parcel Number








Dirt Road


Creative options




see below





Nearby Attractions/City

Google and info:

Google map : https://goo.gl/maps/Vyddfs4Jab2ZhXA6A?coh=178573&entry=tt

35.604, -113.8879 NE

35.6004, -113.8879 SE1

35.6004, -113.8923 SE2

35.6004, -113.8967 SW

35.6004, -113.9012 SW1

35.605, -113.9012 NW2


Drew is the actual owner and not a realtor. We believe in honoring the 2nd amendment and equality for all people including unborn children. Drew is an Active-Duty Army Veteran and is currently serving as a Major in the Army Reserves. Drew is committed to serving God and loving his wife and two daughters. DiTina (pronounced dye-teena) is Drew’s rockstar Land Specialist and General Manager and she is an expert on answering all your questions about vacant land.

Google maps on your phone has an option for 3D. You can see any property line in the US. It’s a faint grey line. This does not count as an official survey but is very helpful.

Please go prepared if you are looking at properties. Print a map and know a few different ways to get there. Google is not always accurate in rural areas. Kindly give us notice when you going to view a property. We do not meet people on the land. Also, we can offer you what we have listed here on our website as well as anything we have not listed yet- so ask us if you see something is sold if we have anything in the area.