Land of the Free

Home of the Brave

The Best of All Worlds!!! Beach life in Northampton, VA!

Payment Options

Cash Price


$1000 Down + $250 doc fee


$385 per mo

$18,000 Down + $250 doc fee

Payment Note(s)

Cash: $1,000 down and a one-time $250 doc prep fee reserves this property and gets the paperwork started! The remaining payment is made after the paperwork is completed.

Owner Finance: $18,0000 down and a one-time $250 doc prep fee. Then pay $385/mo for 60 months. There is a $10/mo loan servicing fee along with prorated taxes.

Once you press the “Reserve Now” Button above, you will be redirected to our property payment page. Once you have completed the payment, you will be sent an email requesting that you fill out a brief personal information survey so that we can begin the Land Sale Contract Process.


Title is Clear. No Open Liens/Encumbrances found.

***Owner financing available with no credit checks!***

Water! Land! Brook! 2 Acres! Trees!

Small town vibes, 5min walk to the beach, local farmers, no traffic, AND a brook at the back of your land!

This spot is somewhere to call home!

You can access this island paradise from Virgina Beach or Salsberry.

Pave out a circle driveway, build your home, get local eggs from your neighbors and relax on your back porch looking out over the private brook in back.


*Zoning: Existing Subdivision/Residential – Agricultural-1 District (ES/R-A-1)

*The brook is intermittent, and you are not in a flood zone.

*You can owner finance with $18,000 down and a $250 doc fee.

*Cash price is $48,000 and you’re only closing cost is the $250 doc fee.

*We are not realtors, and you are working with a small family company.

*You have the option to go through a local title company or do self-closing. Title can take up to 90 days and self-

closing up to 30 days before you have your deed.

*Title is clear. No encumbrances. No back taxes.

*No camping unless you already have a house built.

*Tiny homes are allowed as well and mobile homes.

There’s no time limit to build, so buy/invest now!

Common questions:

Is there power/septic/water?

Not yet! You’re the master of your own creation out here. You can pay to pull power to your land or build a solar home.

Can I have a Tiny Home, RV, Mobile Home, Double wide?

Yes to all. Please call Planning and Zoning for all the details.

How do I know where my property is?

Google maps on your phone has an option for 3D. You can see any property line in the US. It’s a faint grey line. This does not count as an official survey but is very helpful. We also give you all the coordinates of your property on our website.

Important: You cannot build or permanently live on the land until its paid off.

Who we are:

Drew is the actual owner and not a realtor. We believe in honoring the 2nd amendment and equality for all people including unborn children. Drew is an Active-Duty Army Veteran and is currently serving as a Major in the Army Reserves. Drew is committed to serving God and loving his wife and two daughters. DiTina (pronounced dye-teena) is Drew’s rockstar Land Specialist and General Manager and she is an expert on answering all your questions about vacant land.

Property Information

Parcel Size

2 Acres




Northampton County

Nearest Cities

Cape Charles, Viginia Beach

Parcel Number



Hideaway Cove Rd, Exmore, VA 23350

Legal Description


Property Features


Nice County Road


Pole or Solar


Well or City


Needs permit.




11 feet


405.49 feet north
432.62 feet east
255.05 feet south
376.48 feet west





Chatham Vineyards & Winery, 9232 Chatham Rd, Machipongo, VA 23405 (24 min, 15.3 miles)
Brownsville Preserve – Virginia Coast Reserve, 11332 Brownsville Rd, Nassawadox, VA 23413 (19 min, 12.2 miles)
Virginia Hang Gliding, 16620 Coal Kiln Rd, Painter, VA 23420 (17 min, 12.4 miles)